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This is Sion Astal. I'm unable to speak with you at the moment, however, if you wish to leave a message, I will respond as soon as I have the opportunity.
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to the

Collegiate Gym

Located southwest of historical Ecruteak City, it's the first gym built in the newly-established Aurora League. Currently run by co-leaders Sion Astal and Ryner Lute, you can find detailed information about the gym and its operations below!

Gym info here! )
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*So, Sion and Ryner haven't exactly been very visible lately, it's true, but, well, there's been a reason for that. A reason that a couple of Sion's oldest team members have decided is high past time to share with the world at large.

Which is why the (only slightly shaky) video opens to a nice shot of Sion's serperior sitting smugly in front of a door*

Ser... Serperior-or?

*("Is that thing on yet?") Flourish's question gets an impatient 'ros! from Fen, who's evidently the one holding the 'gear, to which the snake nods and gets on with his business. Folding his little leaf-hands neatly behind his back, Flourish takes on as regal and professional a pose as he can manage*

Serperior, 'perior, ser serperior...

*Flourish rambles on as he plays tour guide, Fen doing his best to follow and take it all in with the camera. First, they turn to meander their way into a spacious living/dining room area, high-ceilinged and well lit from large windows, as well as the pair of sliding glass doors that appear to open out to a large deck just outside, as Flourish takes care to point out. Several pokemon are scattered about, including a cincinno busily dusting the furniture and a pair of moewstic basking on a rug in a pool of sunlight. They pass on into a good-sized kitchen, where a yamask is apparently busily cooking with the cheerful assistance of a blissey. From there it's around a corner (Flourish points out the bathroom, but sees no point in exploring it further, because really now) and it's up the stairs to the second floor, where a balcony overlooks the living room area below, an altaria perched on the railing.

To either side of the stairs is a bedroom (and on one side another bathroom, which Flourish again declines to show off), one of which features a king sized bed and shelves full of miscellaneous trainer-like items, and the other a bed of more modest size and several cushion-y chairs, and several eeveelutions pouncing and playing with each other.

Then it's back down the stairs and then around and down more stairs to a basement, which for what it lacks in furniture certainly more than makes up for in plush rugs, blankets, and cushions aplenty, of which a softly snoring granbull has availed itself. Flourish then turns and slides back up the stairs once again, camera jostling every which direction as Fen scrambles to keep up, then veers back towards the area near the front door where he'd started, and the one door they hadn't explored yet. An absol--no, a pair of absol who were seated just outside this final room look up, but other than one of them making an amused noise, neither attempts to block the intrepid duo's passage.

And so the door opens, revealing.... rows and rows of bookshelves, some even containing books and notebooks and other such things. A veritable library in the making, if you will, and in the middle is a pair of goodly-sized desks, seated at which are--*

...Flourish. Fen. What are you doing?

*Whoops, looks like the jig is up, as Sion starts to get up from his seat upon seeing the intruders. Flourish quickly starts to back off, bumping into Fen, who gives an annoyed "Ampharos! Ampha!" while waving the 'gear about until finally, by sheer luck, he manages to hit the button to shut it off.

...welcome to Sion and Ryner's new home, ladies and gentlemen.*
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While I realize that the mystery of the so-called 'bloobers' is probably foremost in peoples' minds at the moment, but I thought it might be interesting to consider something else for a while. Namely, just what sort of worlds does everyone come from? Do they have technology and devices similar to this one, or something different altogether? What about things such as magic? Are there many countries, or just a few? And so on.

Share as much or as little as you'd like; I for one would be curious to hear it.
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*oh look, it's a certain silver-haired king, who's apparently been too busy with his research to bother posting much in a while~*

You know, is it really even normal for the weather to get so cold so quickly after such warm weeks? It seems rather unnatural, after all...

*...yeah, that's pretty much all he has to say someone doesn't like the cold*
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*the feed turns on to show dozens of some kind of sword-like pokemon swarming around. And if that weren't strange enough, they all seem to have red and black blades to boot

after a moment though the camera pans around to show Sion, who looks like he really isn't sure what to make of all this*

Ah... I don't suppose anyone would know what they might want...? They seem to be pokemon of some sort, at least, but they insist on following me everywhere I go.

*anyone care to help a guy out?*
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*for those who are trapped in the castle, if you happen to check your gear sometime early on the 27th, you might notice someone's posted a message*

Ryner and I feel it would be prudent to do a more thorough search of the rooms locked by the colored symbols. Given however the risk of the appearance of various... monsters, for lack of a better term, we'd prefer to have at least one or two, preferably more people accompany us. We both have the yellow-colored mark, so while we certainly wouldn't turn anyone with the same down, at least one or two people of another color would be ideal.

For those interested, please meet us at the room with the vines at the base of the tower on the first floor in fifteen minutes, or contact me over these devices.

Action A: outside the Overgrown Tower, morning of the 27th )

Action B: at the Gold Sigil Room door, later that same morning )

((OOC: Feel free to use this post for tags for both Sion AND Ryner for the entirety of the Nightmare event! Just mention in your subject line the when and where and whether you specifically want one or the other; the two of them will be pretty much INSEPARABLE for the duration of the event so any tags to this post may be replied to by either or both. :|b))
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*it's been a day of off an on drizzly rain throughout Johto today, and on the evening of this chilly wet day a post appears on the network from Sion. Unusual for him, it's in text. Even more unusual (not that, in theory, anyone but Sion knows), he's actually set up a filter to prevent his best friend from seeing it....*

Such melancholy weather as this leads to melancholy thoughts. If there are any who care to indulge my morbid curiosity, I wonder if there's anyone who's done something out of necessity that they've regretted. Or perhaps plans to do? What is it like to live with such a decision?

*...should anyone wish to seek him out in person, he can be found sitting in a quiet cafe somewhere in Ecruteak, reading a book that's piqued his interest*
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*Today's broadcast is brought to you by one of Sion's pokemon! Flourish the serperior, from the sound of it and the way the camera rocks side to side as it's carried about.

But in any case, the video opens to show the interior of the Azalea Town pokemon center, with Sion picking up his belongings as he's preparing to leave for the day, when he's shyly approached by a young woman....*

U-um, excuse me...


Oh, I was just wondering... Since I've seen you around here a lot, and you seem to be a good trainer.... Maybewouldyougooutwithme?

*Sion blinks at that, then gives a wry, apologetic smile*

Ah... You have my sincerest apologies, but I'm afraid I haven't the time to spare for such things. I assure you, the fault lies with me; there is no shortcoming on your part to be concerned with.


*oh, this is getting good; Flourish sidles closer with the camera with a soft sserrr... while Sion shakes his head*

No, it simply would not work. I hope you have a good evening.

*and with that he turns to leave, and Flourish hastily moves to hide the 'gear behind his back, though as the camera's still rolling this simply gives a nice dizzying view of things to accompany the sound*

No, I understand.... So it's true then, you are together with that sleepy-eyed guy you're always hanging out with!

*NOW Flourish laughs, dropping the 'gear in the process, and catching a glimpse of Sion's shocked expression as it tumbles*

What? I beg your--Flourish! What are you doing with that!

*....and on that note, the 'gear FINALLY bumps into something that hits the off button, ending the feed*
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*hello, Johto, have a certain silver-haired king looking thoughtful and perhaps a bit concerned....*

You know, the apparent lack of effort on the part of the local law enforcement is one thing, but does anyone else find it troubling that no one seems to be doing anything about the crimes carried out within just the last week? Particularly in the middle of such large cities; I imagine it's nearly enough to make one rethink walking the streets alone, all things considered.
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*so you know what's frustrating? Having your 'gear be acting up when you're trying to contact someone.

You know what's even MORE frustrating? Trying to use a feature you've never used before to try to somehow cram a short message into a small space. Still, he manages in the end, albeit with a much shorter message than he originally started with:*

*...of course, he's of the opinion that his penmanship on the 'gear is atrocious and that even a brief note to a friend shouldn't sound quite to terse, but he is so done with trying to mess with it.

Reply/bump into him in Goldenrod?*
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*once again, a certain someone's Yamask is floating in the background behind Sion as he records, but he seems to be paying it no mind*

Since it sounds as though quite a few people are planning to go to that event being graciously hosted by Blackthorn's gym leader, I was wondering if anyone had any advice about something...

*he shifts the camera to point at a pile of pokeballs, and even more pokemon lounging about the room behind them*

Just how do you go about deciding which pokemon to bring with you?

*he pauses, then adds*

Ah, and Arturia, might I expect to join us there, as well?
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*today's video flicks on to an image of Sion, with none of his pokemon in sight, for once*

I have a question, if there's anyone who might be able to help.

*...or none of his own pokemon, at least, as a certain someone else's Yamask seems to be hovering in the background....*

I've noticed that many people have done a number of different things with these devices at times, aside from just sending messages. For example, the other month there was someone saying they could modify these to alter the sound of someone's voice, and so on. I've spent some time trying to figure out how they were done, I'm afraid I've had little success. I don't suppose there's someone who could explain just how these things work?

*in other words, the guy from a low-tech fantasy world is finally letting his curiosity get the better of him*

If anyone could assist, it would certainly be greatly appreciated.

*and he reaches to turn off the 'gear, though not before the Yamask drifts up behind him to drape over his shoulder with an affectionate "Maa~", causing Sion to jump slightly and glance over his shoulder*

Marian, shouldn't you be with Ryner right n--

*and the conversation gets cut off as he manages to cut the feed at last*
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*the video feed flicks on to show.... the ground? No, wait, it's panning haphazardly up, eventually coming to focus on a luxray, who's crouched in the shadow of a hedge in what many might recognize as Ecruteak City. Just beyond the hedge a figure can be seen standing; a trainer- Sion- apparently talking to a pokemon just out of sight of the camera. A low growl is heard from offscreen, and the luxray's head snaps back to glare at whoever- or whatever- is holding the camera, making a shushing gesture with one paw. Then she crouches, slooowly creeping up to the edge of the hedge, though still hidden behind it.



Sion shifts a bit, gesturing to his unseen audience, his long, silver braid swaying as he moves.





*the luxray suddenly leaps from her hiding place, sending herself flying at that swaying streamer of hair and tackling the trainer it happens to be attached to*


*Sion's shout is quickly lost amid the literal roar of laughter, the image shaking and then falling to the ground before switching off as the pokemon holding it forgets about it in its amusement*
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*the video clicks on to the.... back of Sion's head? Looks like one of his pokemon is playing with the 'Gear again... In any case, it's only a moment before Sion turns and spots the mischief-maker, and reaches out to grab the pokegear with a sigh*

...Really, River, you know that isn't a toy.

*"Awooo~" the dragonite makes an exaggerated sigh, but relinquishes the device to its trainer*

It seems I can't let you out unsupervised for even a moment...

Well, since it seems I'm making a recording whether I intend to or not, I've been curious, would anyone happen to.... hmm?

*he pauses glancing down at something at at his feet*

What.....? How on earth...?

*if anyone's curious as to what he's talking about, there's a long, drawn-out "sloooooooow~" from off-camera. Sion just looks kind of dumbfounded, still staring down*

Don't tell me.... you couldn't have come all the way from Azalea....

*a friendly "pooooooke~" is the only response he gets. Sion blinks for a few more moments, then remembers the 'gear in his hand and gives it an apologetic smile*

Ah, I suppose my question will have to wait for another time.

*and with that, the feed ends*


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